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Iris uses an aproach which draws on person-centered philosophy and focuses on an individual’s goals and abilities with the aim to enhance the skills a person already brings or wishes to develop in order to live a more fulfilling life.
The aim of the therapy process is seen a developmental process during which the client can explore motivations, wishes, feelings, thoughts, discover incongruencies or conflicting emotions etc.

The therapist’s role is to assist this process of discovery and evolving potential by asking questions and clarifying, but more than anything, by being an empathic listener which hopefully enables the client to develop his/her self and make self-directed choices.

By experiencing the therapist as another individual who tries to understand the topics brought by the client, the client can gradually start to make sense of their own difficulties and how to solve them.

The approach sees the individual as a holistic being (e.g. body and perceptual experiences are seen as important alongside thoughts or feelings). The whole therapy can be understood as a process of growing understanding and (self-)acceptance which can eventually make it possible to identify and change behaviours that might have felt difficult to address before.