counselling manchester
Reasons for consultations can include a variety of issues such as:

*Personal development
– e.g. wanting to understand more about oneself and one’s own motivations for certain behaviours, wishing to live more to one’s own full potential and achieving one’s goals.

*Stress – can be personal or work related stress. Sometimes related are difficulties in time management or interpersonal competencies and the need to find a better balance between recreation and work or between self and others.

*Anxieties - Anxiety-type difficulties can cover a wide range of different problems and can include e.g. stress, feeling uncomfortable with other people/ social anxiety, certain types of panic or phobia or obsessive thinking).  

*Loss – e.g. Bereavements such as losing a loved one, career changes/losses, moving house, illness etc. can be stressful life events and are often challenging to adapt to; losses and the connected grief often force us to reorientate ourselves.

*Low mood – often connected are recurrent worry thoughts or feeling down, lacking energy or motivation, difficulties with sleep and sometimes anger feelings.

*Relationship problems – e.g. difficulties to express and ‘be oneself’ in contact with other people in a satisfying way.

*Low Self-esteem, shyness – can be related to relationship problems or show itself in interpersonal situations e.g. avoiding social contact or particular situations etc.
This list is not exhaustive and there might be other difficulties you experience that are not listed here but are suitable topics for consultation. This can be clarified further in the initial contact which you can make by calling Iris on 0161 790 4545 or clicking here to make confidential contact online.